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Serge Thony is an American actor and based in New York, NY

STK MKT Entertainment Partners with Arethusa Speaks to End Violence Against Women

In honor of International Women’s Day, my record label and I  announced our first #LoveMyBounce partner: Arethusa Speaks, a nonprofit organization that gives a voice to victims of intimate partner violence through storytelling. STK MKT Entertainment has introduced a line of #LoveMyBounce shorts and pledged to donate 20% of proceeds to support Arethusa Speaks’ upcoming storytelling productions, ongoing research and educational outreach.

Working to create social change for women through art, music and theater, STK MKT Entertainment and Arethusa Speaks hope to prevent relational violence and erase the stigma of identifying as a survivor of abuse.

The #LoveMyBounce campaign was launched in January 2015 by myself and STK MKT Entertainment to empower women everywhere by encouraging them to love their bodies and love their bounce. I released my latest single and music video for “JANUARY” along with the #LoveMyBounce movement to highlight the effects of male gaze, containing images and titles aiming to address cultural beliefs about women.

 ‘JANUARY’ is about love and mutual acceptance - we’re all in this thing together. Women’s empowerment is HUMAN empowerment. #LoveMyBounce aims to raise awareness of gender inequality and is a platform by which we can elevate organizations like Arethusa Speaks that are viscerally addressing women’s issues through art.

According to the American Medical Association, every 9 seconds, a woman is abused or beaten and the United Nations states that 70% of women worldwide will experience physical and or sexual abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that the number of American women murdered by a current or ex male partner was double the number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012.

"We are so excited to participate in the awesome mission and reach of STK MKT Entertainment," said Colie McClellen and Mark Kennedy, co-founders of Arethusa Speaks. "D'Chrome Foster and STK MKT are doing what we hope more entertainment labels and artists will begin to do: they simply ask good questions, and support women's work. We want to change our culture, and the #LoveMyBounce partnership is an exciting step."

#LoveMyBounce shorts can be purchased at www.LoveMyBounce.com . Available for $25, in a variety of colors, sized S - XL. 20% of proceeds go directly to Arethusa Speaks to support their fight against violence.


About Arethusa Speaks

Arethusa Speaks produces visceral original theatre works like They Call Me Arethusa and complementary community programming that raises awareness of the unseen prevalence of violence against women in the United States, especially dating and domestic violence.  

Arethusa Speaks encourages those who are survivors of violence in healing and in finding their voices, and seeks to eliminate the social stigma that often comes with identifying as a victim or survivor of violence. Arethusa Speaks gives the communities it reaches tools to prevent violence, to seek justice for its survivors, and to navigate the aftermath with humanity. Visit www.arethusaspeaks.com for more information.