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The #LoveMyBounce campaign was created by STK MKT Entertainment and D'Chrome Foster to empower women everywhere by encouraging them to love their bodies and love their bounce. 20% of proceeds from #LoveMyBounce shorts are donated to Arethusa Speaks, a non-profit theater organization that uses storytelling to give a voice to women who have been affected by relational violence. Read on for the latest news, announcements, reports, and to get a pair of your #LoveMyBounce shorts!

MTV Selects #LoveMyBounce Shorts For Official MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Bags!

 Credit:  Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Credit:  Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

We're pleased to announce that the #LoveMyBounce shorts were selected for the Official 2015 MTV Movie Awards celebrity gift bag!

The official celebrity gift bags containing the #LoveMyBounce shorts were given to all presenters, performers, and winners at the MTV Movie Awards show. The feedback has been amazing so far: see some of the press mentions and more details below.

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Join the movement! When you wear #LoveMyBounce shorts, you are helping us to end violence against women.

20% of proceeds go directly to Arethusa Speaks to support their fight against violence.

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